“60 Minutes,” aired a report on a phenomenon known as THE FRENCH PARADOX. The fact that the French have a higher fat content in their diets and yet a lower rate of heart disease than Americans. The only difference seemed to be in the French consumption of WINE. Numberous studies continue to show that wines help in digestion,fat breakdown and lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. A recent study published in the “BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL”, for example found that both red and white wine effectively wipe out bacteria responsible for food poisoning outperforming even bismuth salicylate, the active ingredient in Pepto Bismol. Dr. Maurizio Trevisan from the University Of Buffalo also confirms in the “BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL”, that alcohol consumed with a meal may prevent blood clotting triggered by fat. Medical researchers from Japan also reported in “The Lancet”, that wine-but not other forms of alcohol with meals, prevents the modification of LDL(bad) cholesterol. PERSONALLY: I also have found Red Wine especially good for CRAMPS.