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Merlot and Me will help YOU and your friends understand and how to choose the best quality wines for any and all occasions.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT, Eat Dessert FIRST, and complement it with a nice Peach Champagne, Fine Wine or Wine Cooler while you’re at it!

Types of Wines

There are thousands of different types of red wine… and with more than a thousand different varieties of grapes to make wine, well, that should come to no surprise. Here is a link to a wonderful article of the types you may have tried…. and possibly types you have not – an adventure to await you when you go to your favorite wine bar or restaurantthis article lists the 31 favorites – CLICK HERE


Leza’s French American Duvernay Roots also go back to 17th Century New Orleans, Louisiana. She comes from a family of great Creole Cooks,Bakers, and Wine Connoisseur’s. Look for her upcoming cookbook of Vegetarian Creole Dishes without the fat and grease yet still ‘yummy delicious’

…However you pronounce it, Leza is an entertaining delight with her knowledge and opinions of American as well as International Wines. With a PhD In Marketing and Media, she is both informative with lots of funny wine stories. LET’S TALK WINE! It’s FUN to learn !

Leza Mesiah, PHD CRMC loves talking to people about all kinds of WINE.

Her French Roots go back to the wine producing Duvernay Family Of France and over 300 Years of New Orleans French Creole Chefs.

Wine is in her blood and she is one of Dallas’ top wine enthusiasts and gourmets.

And if you want a recommendation of wine classes and amazing wine dinners both in your home to Wine Country, go find my friend Glen, the “WINE SHARK” On FaceBook



Certain wines are said to have 5-16 negative calories per glass. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) speaks of wines benefits. Another study found that wine drinkers had a decreased waist-to-hip ratio, implying that wine drinkers may enjoy a leaner midsection and lower death.

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