March 12, 2017


Greetings Wine Lovers, Wine Enthusiasts, And Wine Aficionados.
I'm Leza Mesiah and will help YOU and your friends understand and how to choose the best quality wines for any and all occasions.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT, Eat Dessert FIRST, and complement it with a nice Peach Champagne, Fine Wine or Wine Cooler while you're at it.


Life To Me Is Such A Gift And A Festival. Write me at After You Finish Here, Check Out My Other Websites, and

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Buy QUALITY Wines. A few pennies more may extend YOUR LIFE !

Researchers from numerous universities from Harvard to the American College Of Cardiology say, moderate drinkers "have a 40%-50% reduction in coronary artery disease compared to individuals who are abstinent," and WINE consumption is more strongly related to reduced risk" among populations with high cholesterol and saturated fat intake. Researchers at Northwestern University Medical School have found that a chemical in red wine is believed to help reduce risk for heart disease because of a substance called reservatrol found in the skins.

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